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Chapter 248 He Looked Good In Everything

  • After all, in a society where men's extramarital affairs were seen as normal, any evidence of an affair wouldn't taint his reputation.
  • On the other hand, Carson spending six million to settle the blackmail on his affair could only be fueled by one thing—his desire for Dad’s company. Compared to the prospect of inheriting Dad’s company, those six million in extortion were nothing much.
  • This jerk is truly ambitious and calculative!
  • The next morning, I went to visit Dad in the hospital as usual and found him talking to Mom about getting discharged. He thought that his health was stable and insisted on being discharged, but Mom refused, telling him that he needed to recover in the hospital. Seeing me, she immediately turned to me for support. “Lily, please talk some sense into your dad and make him stay a few more days here.”
  • “Dad, just listen to Mom and stay here for a few more days.”
  • “I’m fine now. Let me rest at home. It’s uncomfortable to stay in the hospital.” He was adamant about getting discharged.
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