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Chapter 247 You Got Scammed?

  • ‘That’s a lot of money. How could I ever pay for it? Hubby, help me think of something.’
  • ‘What can I come up with? Are you asking me to help your brother? I’m so done with your entire family. Your dad has been thinking of ways to get money from me. The same goes for your mom. Your brother is also a bloodsucker. Everyone in your family is greedy!’ Carson did not hold back when he lashed out at her.
  • ‘Talking about greed, your family is worse than mine. You must know how much benefits your mom and your sister received from me over these years, don’t you?’ Jolene’s words indicated her anger.
  • ‘That’s different. The money that my mom and my sister took from you was mine, to begin with.’
  • ‘How could you be so mean?’ Jolene almost jumped in anger. ‘I only have one question for you: are you going to help pay for the compensation or not?’
  • ‘Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t! I just started a new company and invested heavily in that. I didn’t have much money from the start. What’s more unlucky is that I fell victim to blackmail and had to pay six million from my pocket. I really don’t have any cash now.’
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