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Chapter 243 Rich Enough to Own a BMW

  • “Alright, Isabella, let’s drop the topic for now.” I stopped her and gave Robin a friendly look. “You aren’t hurt, are you?”
  • “No. Just some bruises.”
  • “That’s good. Have you told Jolene about this?”
  • “No, I’m scared that she’d scold me, so I didn’t let her know.”
  • “How would your sister even bother to scold you? She’s only interested in scamming more money out of people,” Isabella sneered. “She’s too shameless. When her family is rich enough to own a BMW, she is still out there acting like a victim and asking for pity. She didn’t pay back the money she owed and still has the audacity to crash at others’ place and leech off them. God, I feel so disgusted!”
  • Robin’s face was both pale from terror and flushed from humiliation. I took out my phone and suggested, “I’ll make a call to your sister. This is a big issue; hence, it’s impossible not to inform her.”
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