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Chapter 240 We Knew Each Other Inside Out

  • Before she finished her cursing, I gave her another slap on her face that almost caught her off balance, turning her face to the side. “I only slap b*tches!”
  • My ferocity greatly shocked Isabella and Jeremy, especially the latter, who stared at me in disbelief. “Lily!”
  • Both Jeremy and I knew each other inside out. If I were to go back in their history, I’d say that I was part of the reason he was with Isabella. Without me, she wouldn’t have met Jeremy and married him.
  • “Jeremy, you are f*cking ridiculous! Are you insulting me by bullying Isabella?”
  • “I…” Jeremy only managed to utter that word before he turned speechless. From the start of his marriage with Isabella, he had been involved in countless scandals. Every time I heard about it, the only thing I could do was to advise him over the phone. Never had I turn physical like I did now, which was probably the reason he was shaken.
  • “How dare you slap me?” The woman, who was slapped twice and being still in the dark about my relationship with Jeremy, turned to me to get her revenge after she realized that Jeremy didn’t want to help her at all. Upon seeing her move, he quickly yelled at her, “Stop it! You can’t touch her!”
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