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Chapter 231 Is There Something Wrong With the Message?

  • I tried to recall what happened. After coming back from the hospital, Carson acted normally during the dinner and even chatted with us later in the living room. However, when he received a message, he immediately went to the study. Is there something wrong with the message?
  • Without trying to delve into the matter, I shifted my attention to work. Whenever I started working, I would be so immersed in it that I ignored what was going on around me. It was until I heard someone knocking on the door that I raised my head to look away from the screen.
  • Victoria walked in with a pot of soup. “Lily, I’ve cooked this for you. Have a taste.”
  • “Thanks, Victoria.” After she got me a bowl of soup, I took a look at the time and realized that it was ten in the evening. Time flies when I work. Three hours have passed just like that.
  • Victoria put down the pot in front of me. “Drink it while it’s still hot and take a rest. Don’t overburden yourself.”
  • To be honest, Victoria was a nice, caring and considerate woman. If it weren’t for the fact that she had hooked up with Carson’s father, I would have liked her more.
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