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Chapter 225 The Bidding

  • Last night, Jolene said that she had been hired by a design company. Is her new company involved in the bidding process as well? The idea shocked me. Although I had thought about how to deal with her, I didn’t expect that she would become my opponent at work.
  • When the elevator came, the receptionist led President Smith and I to a parlor on the seventeenth floor. After two cups of tea were placed on the table, the receptionist told us politely, “President Smith, Miss Hawkins, please wait here. When the meeting starts, I’ll inform you.”
  • After the receptionist left, President Smith took a sip of the tea. “This is a good cup of Earl Grey. Lilian, have a taste. It’s really good.”
  • Smiling, I picked up the cup and was about to drink it. However, as soon as I smelled the odor, I immediately put it down, which elicited a puzzled stare from President Smith. “Why don’t you drink it?”
  • “President Smith, this tea smells weird. It doesn’t smell like Earl Grey.”
  • “No way. I’ve drunk tea for years. I can tell what tea this is by just smelling it,” President Smith refuted.
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