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Chapter 215 Don't Be Like This, I'm Scared

  • “Hank, don't say such things anymore! What else do you want? Lily has already gotten on her knees and apologized to you!” My mother started sobbing. “For the past five years, I’ve been thinking about my Lily all day and all night, worrying sick that she might be wronged or bullied by others. There were so many nights that I couldn’t sleep at all. Now that she has come back and is willing to admit her mistakes, you should just forgive her. She is our only daughter, and our blood runs in her! You can’t just drive her away again.”
  • “Mom, it's all my fault. I broke both your hearts and I acted like an idiot. I won't leave this time no matter how you scold me. I’ll stay with you!”
  • Hearing what I said, my dad shed tears as well. “My heart has never felt happy even once throughout these five years, and I’ve yet to have a good night's sleep. No matter how bad she had been, she is still my daughter. I just hate myself for being so stubborn. Why didn’t I communicate well with her? We’ve been separated for five years, acting like strangers all this while. Nobody can understand how agonized I’ve felt!”
  • Hearing the sobbing in the ward, Dylan and Aunt Judy opened the door to come in. At the sight of me kneeling on the ground, Dylan came forward to help me up. “Mr. Hawkins, Lily is aware of her mistakes. Do let her get up!”
  • Aunt Judy also persuaded my father by telling him, “Hank, tell Lily to get up. Why are you making her kneel like this?”
  • “Aunt Judy, this has nothing to do with Dad. I’m the one who offered to get down on my knees and apologize,” I explained between sobs.
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