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Chapter 209 Cussed Without Thinking

  • Since he started off the call this way, I couldn’t very well beat around the bush, so I just said bluntly, “President Walker, I wish to seek your opinions on the hotel renovation.”
  • “Didn’t I give out the bidding documents for the hotel renovation? Don't tell me you don’t know how to read them?” Eric sounded impatient.
  • Ever since becoming a designer in Oceana City a few years ago, this was the first time I was insulted like this. But since I was calling to ask for his help, I held back my anger and replied, “I’ve read the bidding documents, but I don’t understand a few parts, so I wish to seek your advice, President Walker.”
  • “If everyone comes to me for advice like you, I will die from overwork and exhaustion! Oh yeah, are you trying to get some design tips from me? If so, I’ll tell you now that this bidding will be conducted in a fair and just manner without any preferential treatment, Miss Hawkins. If you wish to get any hint from me, I’d advise you to just give up.” Eric's words were too hurtful; he literally implied that I was seeking him out just to go through the back door.
  • I really wanted to curse at him, but now was not the time for me to get angry. After all, President Smith had already hinted to me that this guy would be the big boss in the future, so even if I wasn’t doing this for myself, I had to bear with him from this perspective alone.
  • I swallowed back my curses and replied, “I'm sorry, President Walker. I didn't think things through before calling you, but I really didn't mean to go through the back door. I will use my strengths to prove to you that I can create good designs. Excuse me. I'll be hanging up now!”
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