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Chapter 207 Betrayal

  • “What way?”
  • “Jolene didn't question Carson about the signing of those medical documents in the chat just now. Don't you think that’s strange?”
  • As soon as Isabella brought that up, I suddenly remembered about it. “Yeah, why didn't Jolene ask Carson about it? Does she not believe us, or does she have another purpose?”
  • “I’m sure she has another purpose. When a woman encounters a betrayal by someone she loves, the first thing she would think of is to question her lover about it. Didn't you feel that way when you found out that your b*stard of a husband is cheating on you? I think that Jolene does want to question him, but she is being cautious around him. Why don't we take advantage of this to make those two scumbags distrust each other? As long as they turn against each other, the opportunity to clean them right up will come.”
  • If one looked past Isabella's lack of restraint, one would realize that what she said was true. I thought of that Cartier bracelet. If Jolene knew that the bracelet Carson gave her was a fake, she would definitely be suspicious of him.
  • I thought I had found some dirt I could dish out to make Jolene and Carson distrust each other, but I didn't expect that everything wouldn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped.
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