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Chapter 203 Heavy Bleeding

  • “Looks like you still don’t know what happened yesterday, so let me tell you about it. Yesterday, when you lay in the operating room bleeding heavily and waiting for someone to sign your medical documents, Lily was so worried that she couldn’t hold a pen without her hand trembling. So, she asked Carson to help sign those documents, but Carson's mother scolded her, saying that you’re Lily's friend and her son shouldn’t be the one signing them; otherwise, who would take responsibility if something happened to you?”
  • Isabella deliberately paused as she spoke, making Jolene's face turn pale at her words. “Then what happened?”
  • “Of course, since Carson’s mother had put it that way, that man refused to sign. So, Lily had no choice but to sign with her trembling hand. After that, when your brother came to the hospital, he began to curse at Lily in public, saying that she harmed you. Now that you’ve awoken, let me ask you this. Did Lily cause what happened to you?”
  • Jolene's face turned red and then white as her whole body shook. Though she opened her mouth, no words came from it. I knew how upset she must be feeling in her heart right now, not because she felt guilty about me, but because she never dreamed that Carson would choose to ignore her at such a critical moment.
  • This kind of betrayal was truly the most heartbreaking, and this was also why Isabella chose to kick up a fuss. On the previous day, Jolene’s brother didn’t witness what went on during the signing of the medical documents, so naturally, he had no idea about Carson and his family’s indifference toward Jolene. Since Carson and I were husband and wife, there was no reason for us to tell her about all these as well.
  • Isabella didn't mind being the villain to tell her such truth. Besides, it had a better effect if an outsider like her was the one to kick up the fuss and let Jolene know.
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