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Chapter 194 Signature

  • “Doesn’t she have parents and a brother? Call them and tell them about the situation here. Record the conversation as evidence in case it needs to be used in the future.”
  • As soon as Isabella said that, Carson immediately called Jolene’s brother. After hearing about the situation, Robin Hamilton agreed to the surgery and even said he was coming to the hospital right away.
  • Alas, I was the one who put my signature down. Then, Sally went back into the operating room to start the surgery.
  • Half an hour later, Robin arrived at the hospital in a haste. With panic in his eyes, he looked straight at Carson and asked, “Carson, how is my sister doing?”
  • “They’re still trying to save her in the operating room. We will only know the whole situation once the surgery is over,” he answered.
  • “She still sounded normal on the phone last night. How did something like this happen today? What really happened?”
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