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Chapter 19 Inciting Conflict

  • The look on my mother-in-law’s face was an absolutely brilliant sight to behold, while Carson was obviously dumbfounded by that amount as he said in disbelief, “Mom told me nothing about her salary last night...”
  • “She must’ve forgotten about it, but she did tell me that it would cost twelve thousand. Isn’t that right, Mom?” I was targeting my mother-in-law, as I knew she wanted to make some profit through it, which was precisely why I told everyone the amount of Victoria’s salary, all the while trying to force my mother-in-law to admit it.
  • If she admitted to it, she wouldn’t be able to gain anything out of it, but if she denied, it would be equivalent to her admitting that she wanted to take my money. I sure would like to see her make the choice. As expected, she was visibly feeling uneasy about it, but eventually, she still decided to admit that Victoria’s salary would be twelve thousand after some internal strife.
  • There was shock and disbelief on Victoria’s face as soon as my mother-in-law admitted to it. Victoria seemed to have something to say, but I didn’t give her the chance to speak as I spoke up before her. “Mom told me that Victoria is an extremely capable person, so she won’t be working only as a housekeeper, but she’ll also be taking care of Jolene during her pregnancy, so that should cost around fifteen thousand at most. So, I would dare say it’s worth it for the sake of Jolene’s baby. Don’t you think so, darling?”
  • Now that things had reached this point, Carson wasn’t in a position to say anything else other than agree to it with a bitter smile, while my mother-in-law looked awfully pale, as she never expected to encounter such a turn of events. If she knew that her son would be paying for Victoria’s salary instead of me, she would probably get a stroke due to hemorrhage.
  • After everything was settled, I left the house with Keira alongside me, while Victoria sent me off. She wore a flattering smile as we waited for the lift. “You can tell me what you’d like for dinner, so I can prepare them for you.”
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