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Chapter 187 An Extravagant Performance

  • Perhaps because my words were too scary, Jolene didn’t stay for too long and left with Carson’s family. Only Isabella and Carson were left in the ward with me.
  • Isabella could not say anything in front of Carson but could only reassure me and cheer me up.
  • Looking at Carson, I was really upset and annoyed, so I made an excuse for him to leave to get me something.
  • Now that there was only Isabella and me in the ward, I wanted to ask what happened when they went for the examination. But at that moment, my phone rang. Lifting my phone, the words ‘Psycho Client’ were flashing on my screen.
  • Why did he call? Although this was not the time to answer the call, I picked it up anyway. Right after I pressed the answer button and before I could even talk, Eric’s voice came from the other side of the phone. “I heard you had a miscarriage?”
  • It was unexpected that Eric knew about this too. It was only twelve hours since I was hospitalized. It wasn’t like he had a tracker on me. How did he find out about this?
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