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Chapter 179 Not Pregnant for Years

  • “Lily’s right. Her miscarriage is abnormal. We better get the doctor here and ask about it.” My mother-in-law finally said something humane.
  • As my mother-in-law's voice dropped, Sally came in with a nurse and she looked at me apologetically. “Mrs. Boyer, things have happened, so don’t be too sad. You’re still young; as long as you rest well, you can get pregnant again.”
  • I looked at Sally and asked, “Dr. Channing, didn’t you say that everything was normal the last time I got my body check-up? Why is it that my child was miscarried?”
  • “Erm…” Sally looked at me uneasily. “Mrs. Boyer, there are many reasons for miscarriage. When I checked your body, your body was fine and the child was healthy. But I'm not sure what happened after that.”
  • “What do you mean about what happened after? I take my medicine every day on time and there is nothing wrong with my body. The miscarriage happened all of a sudden. It happened when I was lying on the bed and there wasn’t even the slightest warning.”
  • “I’ve talked about this problem with your husband. There might be a possibility that you mistakenly took drugs or foods that could cause a miscarriage.”
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