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Chapter 177 Going to Work as Usual

  • Immediately, Victoria got what I was saying. “Okay, I’ll go get it now!”
  • I groaned in pain all the way from the house to the Delta Hospital. The doctor on call tonight was Sally, who was arranged by Isabella earlier.
  • As soon as I entered the hospital, Sally darted over in a hurry. “Why are you bleeding? Hurry; we need to get into the surgery room!”
  • I was quickly pushed into the surgery room. The door was closed; Carson and my father-in-law were kept outside. But Sally was actually closing the door for the show.
  • After the ‘surgery’, I ‘passed out’ and was pushed out of the surgery room. Carson came over anxiously. “Doctor, what’s the situation?”
  • “We lost the child. She was given anesthetics and she is currently in a coma. There will be no problem as long as there is not much bleeding later,” answered Sally.
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