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Chapter 176 Eliza Is Pregnant

  • “Nonsense, Victoria!” I said sternly.
  • “It’s true! I heard that Eliza’s boyfriend is some rich guy. Now that Eliza is pregnant, she wants to quit school and marry that man. Mr. and Mrs. Boyer agreed with it but Carson loathed the idea. They are discussing this issue now.”
  • “Is this true? Why didn’t Carson tell me anything?”
  • “Perhaps he wants to solve it before telling you anything.” Victoria placed the cherries in front of me.
  • I let out an ‘oh’ and picked up a cherry and put it in my mouth. In my heart, I was secretly worried for Eliza. She thought she had found herself a wealthy man and wanted to marry into the family using her kid but that man was just a gigolo. If she dropped out of school for that gigolo, the Boyers would definitely be pissed off when they found out the truth.
  • After gossiping with Victoria, I went back to the bedroom. Checking the time, it was already 9 PM. I went to the bathroom, took a bath, removed the sanitary pad, and flushed it down the toilet. After tidying up everything, I went to bed and lay down.
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