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Chapter 174 You Have to Be Careful These Days

  • Suppressing his anger, Carson stood up. “It was nothing. You’re back, honey? You must be hungry now. We can start our dinner right away.”
  • He wasn’t going to tell me? Instead of exposing him, I fixed my gaze on the kitchen. “Is dinner ready? Where’s Victoria?”
  • “Victoria? Jolene got her to buy something just now. Guess she’ll probably be back soon.”
  • I was wondering why Carson was trying to hide it from me earlier. If Victoria was home, there was no way that the news would be hidden from me. It turned out that they had made her leave before the argument.
  • It was obvious that they didn’t consider me to be a member of the family since they also made up such an excuse to get Victoria to go away.
  • Fortunately, I didn’t care about it either. It would be better for me to mind my own business. It wasn’t good for me to know about this issue anyway because I would have to hold up my pretense and continue to act in front of this family. It would be best to not tell me anything so I wouldn't need to waste any of my feelings. Acting as if nothing had happened, I moved toward the bedroom as I carried my bag; Carson was following me from behind. Casually, I left my bag on the chair and made my way into the bathroom to wash my face.
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