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Chapter 173 Disagreement

  • “If you have enough money with you today, you can pay it altogether. If you don’t, then you can just pay me back next time.”
  • What more could I say after meeting someone like that? I originally did want to pay back the medical expenses, but after what he said, I didn’t want to pay him anymore. “I don’t have so much money today. Next time!”
  • “Well then, take away the money on the table. Since you owe me so much, that little bit you left won’t do much.” As Eric was saying this, he stuffed the money back into my bag.
  • Clenching my teeth, I left Eric’s office. When I was opening the door, Eric reminded me from behind, “Remember to bring along the money the next time we meet!”
  • Instead of answering him, I sped up my pace.
  • When I got home from work that evening, I heard Carson’s monstrous growl from the living room at the door. “I let you attend college for you to study, not for you to date. How could you disappoint me like this? Why are you so tactless?”
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