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Chapter 166 Straight to His Office

  • At first, I thought it would only take a few words to settle the matter. After all, it was a trivial issue. However, if last night’s incident were to be dragged into the fray, then it would not end so easily. Thus, I looked at Jessica gloomily. “Why don’t you help me sort things out with him? I’ll pay you for your troubles.”
  • “If it were any other person, I could lend you a hand. Unfortunately, I’m helpless against Eric Walker.”
  • “I understand now. As long as somebody has a bone to pick, they can even pick a bone out of an egg.” There was no way to escape my misfortune. So, I moodily stepped into the elevator.
  • When President Smith’s driver saw me coming down, he came down to open the car door for me. After I got into the car, the driver immediately drove away from the company. As the car flew down the viaduct, I became a little puzzled. This isn’t the same road we took yesterday. I was quite familiar with the roads of Riverdale. As far as I knew, it was impossible to reach Eric’s home using this road.
  • “Did we take the wrong road? This isn’t the road we took yesterday,” I reminded him.
  • “We are taking the right road. We’re not going out of the city today,” the driver answered.
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