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Chapter 161 Ignore Him

  • Camille was wearing a pair of oversized shades; her long hair flowed down behind her back as she strutted toward me in a pair of heels that were 7 or 8 inches high and she was accompanying a rather good-looking man. She had recognized me too and an astonished expression flitted across her face.
  • The man accompanying her had noticed me too. When he saw her staring at me, he looked over at me and thought that I was a staff member based on the work uniform I was wearing. My work uniform came from a high-end brand. Unfortunately, the work uniform at the First Royal Court was also from a high-end brand and happened to be the same brand I was wearing.
  • That man probably assumed that I was an employee at the First Royal Court, thus, he instructed me, “Call your manager, Mr. Matthews, over.”
  • I ignored him and continued walking. However, that man was probably used to ordering people around. The moment he saw that I was ignoring him, he lost his temper and cursed at me, “Are you deaf?! Did you not hear me talking to you?!”
  • “I’m not deaf; you’re blind!” I immediately retorted, refusing to be reprimanded by him.
  • “How dare you scold me?! Are you sick of living?”
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