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Chapter 155 First Time Making Coffee

  • “No! No more; thanks!” I hurriedly waved my hands, rejecting his offer.
  • Eric didn’t force me. Rather, he arrogantly ordered me, “Go and wash the cup!”
  • I’ve never met such an unreasonable man before! Even so, I subconsciously got up and brought my cup to the kitchen. The kitchen was huge and well-furnished with everything one could possibly need. After washing my cup, I returned to the living room. However, he then instructed me to go and make him a cup of coffee.
  • The kitchen only had coffee beans. Thus, I grounded some into coffee grounds and brewed a cup of coffee for him. As soon as he took the cup of coffee I brewed, he took a sip and immediately scowled. “Why is this so horrible?”
  • Upon hearing his question, I was at a loss for how to answer. Then, he glanced sideways at me. “Is this your first time making coffee?”
  • I awkwardly shook my head in response. “No; I’ve made it before on several occasions.”
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