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Chapter 152 Unique Symptoms

  • “Nothing will go wrong. I planned everything carefully. Do you know why I had to carry out my plan so quickly? Well, aside from being unable to stand that b*tch’s repeated backstabbing, there’s something even more important. I’ve noticed that there’s something strange about my body. As you know, I tend to get some rather unique symptoms right before my menstruation. Well… I’m faking a miscarriage. So, it has to be realistic. Who would believe me if there’s no blood?”
  • “Oh, I see now! Ugh; you made me worry for so many days for nothing!” Isabella was relieved. “Three days later, let’s put on the greatest show for them.” After hanging up, Jessica sashayed into the room. Without waiting for me to greet her, she sat down in the chair opposite me. “Hurry up and console me; I’m about to die!”
  • “Aren’t you doing just fine?” I joked.
  • “Do I look fine? You don’t know how tormented my heart is! Last night, I was so depressed I wanted to die!”
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • “I was ignored.”
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