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Chapter 145 Condemned Forever

  • After listening to my apology, President Smith chuckled again. “Don’t worry about it. As long as Eric does not go crazy on the spot, then it’s water under the bridge.”
  • “Really?”
  • “Yeah. To be honest, I was on tenterhooks too. After all, Eric’s temper can be a little strange, and I was worried he might lose his temper then and there.”
  • “If my mistake affects the company’s business dealings with Eric, then I’ll be a grave sinner.”
  • “It’s not that serious. Besides, it’s not like what you’re imagining. Well, you’ll find out in the future.” After that, he ended the conversation there, and I tactfully followed his lead. As the boss of the company, he would not hide secrets from me on purpose. If he could let me know directly, he would. Conversely, if he didn’t want to tell me, then there was no point in asking further.
  • When we arrived at the nightclub’s private lounge, Eric and Jessica were nowhere to be seen yet. After a short wait, they came in together, smiling and in high spirits. I wonder what they’re so happy about.
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