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Chapter 140 Workaholic

  • "I don't."
  • "Ms. Hawkins, I'm currently in Las Vegas. Are you sure you want to fly all the way here to talk to me about medical expenses?"
  • I was at a loss for words. Eric was being too much, and it was clear that he was messing with me. Had he told me right at the beginning of this phone call that he was abroad, I would not have suggested a meet-up, much less with such a bad excuse.
  • Since I could not possibly remain silent for the rest of this phone call, I forced myself to ignore the awkwardness and apologized. "I'm sorry, President Walker. I thought you were in the country when I decided to ring you up. Since you aren't in the country, I'll just leave you alone. When you get back, feel free to give me a call; perhaps we can find another time to meet up."
  • As I finished the sentence, I was ready for Eric to reject me entirely. Little did I expect that not only did he not reject me, but he also readily gave me a definite answer. "I'll be back tomorrow, so please call me the day after tomorrow in the afternoon."
  • After hanging up the phone, I felt as if there was a weight off my shoulders. I considered myself a bold person, but why did I get so nervous when I was with Eric?
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