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Chapter 131 Attitude

  • "Had you not asked for any orders from Eric, would I still have fought with him?"
  • "Did Eric beat you up? That son of a b*tch!" My mother-in-law began howling. "So he took your orders and then beat you up? How can such a thing happen? We can't let him get away with this. Let's go to his place and find him."
  • She said those words like it would be so easy to find Eric. Upon hearing this, Carson's forehead furrowed into a frown. "Who do you think you are? Before you can find him, you'll be thrown out of his place by his security."
  • "Let's call the police then. We'll let the police handle him."
  • "Forget it. Do you think we'll be here hearing all your opinions if the police could help?"
  • "So, are you just going to let him get away with this?" My mother-in-law could not understand where Carson was coming from. "We should at least make him pay for your medical and nurturing expenses."
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