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Chapter 130 Moving Out

  • "Carson, Jolene told me that she would be getting discharged from the hospital tomorrow. I was going to tell her that I would bring her home, but we left in such a hurry today that I forgot to tell her."
  • "She looked for you?" Carson was stunned. "When was that?"
  • "Last night; not long after you left. She looked like something was bothering her, and she even mentioned that she wanted to move out. It took me a while to persuade her to stay.
  • Meanwhile, Carson began to look worried. I could tell that he had figured out what Jolene was up to. "She can move out if she wants. Why did you persuade her to stay?"
  • "Carson, what's going on?"
  • "Nothing much. I just think that Jolene's been a pain recently, and she'll bother you from time to time. You are a pregnant lady now, so why should she burden you with her problems?"
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