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Chapter 124 Embarrassment

  • At this point, I couldn’t pretend not to hear it. Eric raised his voice on purpose, for he wanted me to hear it. If I kept this up, not only would Carson be humiliated, I would too. I didn’t care about Carson, but I was important. So, I took a deep breath and opened the door. “Mom.” I smiled at my mother-in-law. “Why are you still here?”
  • “I’m talking business with Mr. Walker.”
  • “Mr. Walker!” I smiled at him awkwardly and pulled her aside. “Mom!” I lowered my voice. “I thought you’re going to see Jolene. Hurry along then.”
  • “Jolene’s not as important as the deal. Lily, Mr. Walker had agreed to hand the deal back to Carson.” She looked ignorantly smug.
  • “Mom, it’s not as simple as you think. Just go and see Jolene. Carson will handle this himself.” I would have ran away in embarrassment if I could, but I couldn’t.
  • “It’s fine. We’ve reached an agreement, and I was just about to call Carson.” She searched for her phone. “Oh, whoops. I didn’t bring my phone out. Give me yours. I want to make a call.”
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