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Chapter 123 Calling Isabella

  • It was pointless talking to someone like my mother-in-law, so I smiled at her as she rambled on. Eventually, she felt bored talking to herself, so she stopped. “I’ll take a look at Jolene.”
  • “Sure.” I wanted nothing more than for her to leave.
  • When she was at the doorstep, she looked back at me. “Tell Carson you’re getting discharged as soon as possible. Fifteen thousand a day is too much of a waste.”
  • “Sure.”
  • My mother-in-law then left, much to my relief. When I was about to call Isabella, I heard my mother-in-law asking loudly outside the door, “You’re Eric Walker, aren’t you?”
  • “I am, and you are?” Eric asked. I could imagine that he must be frowning at her now.
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