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Chapter 122 Her Words Were Harsh, but She Meant Well

  • The next morning, Carson didn't come over. He called me and told me he was sending Keira to school and had asked his mother to bring breakfast for me.
  • He even instructed me not to get angry at my mother-in-law, saying that even though her words were harsh, she meant well, and that she wasn't a bad person.
  • Not long after I hung up the phone, the door was pushed open, and my mother-in-law appeared at the door carrying a thermos.
  • The look she gave me when she saw me was still one of displeasure, and she looked very reluctant, making it obvious that she was still angry with me. Victoria must have been the one who prepared the breakfast, and Carson probably sent his mother to deliver the food to me to ease the tension between us.
  • Although my mother-in-law was arrogant to me, she had always been very submissive to Carson.
  • I smiled at her. "Mom, you're here."
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