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Chapter 121 Hesitance

  • "I have already troubled your family too much, especially this time in the hospital. Mrs. Boyer has been taking care of every day. I really feel bad about it."
  • If she really wanted to move away, did she really need to tell me now? Carson must have told her this idea, but she was probably unwilling, so she came to me. With how far I was willing to go for my friends, she thought I would definitely try my best to persuade her to stay. However, Jolene had miscalculated this time. The reason I was keeping her around was not because I was stupid, but because I had important things to do.
  • I sneered in my heart. "What trouble? We are good friends, and friends should help each other out, no?"
  • "Lily, I know you are kind and good to me, but..." Jolene said hesitantly.
  • "But what? Did my mother-in-law say anything?"
  • "No… Mrs. Boyer didn't say anything. I just feel that I have troubled all of you too much."
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