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Chapter 12 That B*tch Moved Into My House!

  • The look Carson wore on his face was morose, which seemed so real. “Do you remember the countless calls I gave you when you first went outstation? I wanted to tell you about the news, but you didn’t pick up, so I figured I should stop, as I didn’t want to affect your work.” He heaved a sigh while putting up an act as if he were being considerate.
  • If I didn’t know better, I would’ve been caught off guard by the news, but all I felt was a sense of irony as I knew he was in fact her boyfriend. However, I still had to put up an act, as I was also curious what tricks he had up in his sleeve, thus feigned surprise while asking, “What’s going on?”
  • “Jolene sure is a poor woman. She is pregnant out of wedlock without being able to obtain a marriage certificate. Now that her boyfriend had passed away due to an accident, his parents decided to take back the house in which she was living on the grounds that it belonged to their son, thus had nothing to do with Jolene. They then chased her away, and even tried to force her to abort her child as they wanted to prevent her child from getting an inheritance from them.”
  • “How could they be so shameless? Jolene sure is blind, but that man was also a jerk for treating her like a whore! Both her boyfriend and his parents were b*stards!” In a loud voice, I scolded, though it was intended for Carson and his parents.
  • Nobody would feel great while being humiliated in front of someone else, which was why Carson seemed a little awkward before trying to excuse himself, “That man would’ve potentially treated Jolene nicely, or else Jolene wouldn’t have gotten pregnant out of wedlock for his sake.”
  • “Why would you defend a jerk like him?” There was a scoff on my face. “I don’t understand what Jolene saw in him! Did she not have enough money to spend or to survive on? Why must she offer herself up to such a wanker!”
  • Carson tried his best to school his expression while listening to my insults, which felt extremely gratifying. However, my in-laws could no longer take it as they finally decided to come out from their rooms.
  • “Mom, Dad, Eliza, I’m home.” My animated expression as I insulted Jolene’s boyfriend turned into one of cheerfulness as soon as I saw them.
  • “Lily, you’re finally back!” As she took a step forward, grinning, my mother-in-law took the present I bought from him. “Let me see. What’ve you got us?”
  • “Mom, this is for Keira.” Carson stopped her from going through the presents.
  • “Are those for Keira alone?” The smile on her face melted away instantly, as she was obviously unhappy about the fact that I didn’t buy them anything.
  • “Mom, Lily was on a business trip instead of a holiday trip, so she wouldn’t have time to buy presents.” Carson stepped in to pick up the pieces.
  • “Despite how the old saying goes, kids would only think about their kids instead of their parents.” It was apparent that my mother-in-law wasn’t satisfied with the explanation he provided as she turned to mumble at her husband and daughter.
  • “Yeah, you sure are partial toward Keira for buying her so many presents.” Eliza joined in the fray.
  • If it were up to me from before, I would smile apologetically while explaining to them that I was too busy to buy them gifts, which would be followed by me giving my money out so that they could buy whatever they wanted. However, I would no longer bend to their will! It was thus I ignored what they said as I told Keira smilingly, “Keira, go open your present in your room.”
  • “Thanks a lot, Mommy!” While holding onto her present, Keira returned to her room. Both my mother-in-law and Eliza’s expression soured as soon as they noticed I was ignoring them, with Eliza confronting me directly, “Lilian, when will you buy me the watch you promised me?”
  • “Oh, you’ll have to forgive me for my forgetfulness as I have been quite busy lately,” I explained apologetically.
  • “Then when will you be finished with work?” Apparently, Eliza wasn’t going to give up anytime soon.
  • “Eliza!” Carson wore a gloomy expression as he called out to her.
  • “It might take some time, so why don’t we make some arrangements?” With a smile, I turned to look at Carson. “Carson, since your company is near one of Patek Philippe’s shops which recently released a new watch that Eliza liked, why don’t you buy it for her tomorrow?”
  • I could see the greed in Eliza’s eyes as soon as I began wording my suggestion, thinking that her wish was about to come true, but it underwent a dramatic change as soon as she heard my full sentence. “Why should my brother be the one to fulfill your promise?”
  • “That’s such an odd question, Eliza. Would the fact that I am the one who bought you the watch make it any different from if it was bought by Carson?” I retorted with a smile on my face.
  • “Of course, it’s different!” Such was her reply. “You would be showing your appreciation if you bought it, while it would be on him if he did.”
  • I scoffed at her mentally while thinking, It doesn’t have sh*t to do with appreciation, but everything to do with money. While she would be reluctant to spend her brother’s money, the same couldn’t be said when she was spending mine.
  • “Your brother and I pooled our funds together, so you don’t have to draw such a clear line between us, or are you perhaps suggesting that my husband and I are of different families?” Sighing, I wore a look of grief.
  • “Eliza, how could you say that?” Carson shot her a glare as he spoke.
  • “That’s not what I meant.” Eliza pouted as if feeling being wronged.
  • “Alright, say nothing else on the matter. You already have enough watches, so why are you buying more? Earn your own wages if you want to buy them.” Seething he was as he made the final call.
  • “What’s going on here?” A feeble voice came through. Turning around, I saw Jolene observing us from the guest room as she supported herself against the frame of the door while in a casual outfit. I could see into the room through the open door that there were photos of herself placed on the study table. How dare that b*tch make herself comfortable in my house!