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Chapter 119 Hate Him To Death

  • Based on my feelings with him, I was always the first to find out what happened to him. Although I hated him to death now, I couldn’t forget my duty. So far, before we all tore down all pretenses of civility, we were still a "loving" couple.
  • Thinking about this, I deliberately asked, "Dear, you're not looking so good. Is there anything bothering you?"
  • "No." Carson smiled at me. "Honey, I plan to send Keira to school tomorrow."
  • "So soon?" I was a little reluctant. "How about we wait for me to be discharged from the hospital then decide?"
  • "I have already discussed it with the teacher. Honey, I know you are reluctant to send Keira away, but she is just going to school and not somewhere else. If you miss her, we can go to the school to visit her together."
  • "Alright then." I didn't worry about Keira anymore. Instead, I asked about Jolene with concern, "How is Jolene?"
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