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Chapter 118 Trouble

  • What plan does he have that requires him to endure like this? He gave me the jade necklace, and now he plans to send his parents away?
  • A question that kept floating around my mind popped up again. What does he hope to get from me that made him plan for all this?
  • After Carson had left, he didn't come back again. He only gave me a phone call and said that the company was facing some big trouble, so he probably couldn't come back today.
  • I was a bit puzzled when I heard him say this. Could it be that Jolene was causing havoc for him when she heard news of my pregnancy? But this wasn't Jolene's style. With how vicious she was and her ability to endure, she would have pretended that she didn't know I was pregnant, and then look for an opportunity to slip some abortion pills for me and cause me to have a miscarriage.
  • Just when I was wondering, Isabella called me. "Lily, Carson's company is in trouble!"
  • "You're certain?" I asked her.
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