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Chapter 116 How Rude

  • In an instant, I immediately understood what was going on. Carson was obviously buying that set of jade at this time because he had an ulterior motive, so obviously, the problem was not with Cartier's products. Instead, the problem lay with Carson.
  • The jade jewelry that he gave both Jolene and me were fakes. That so-called Manager Sullivan was also in collusion with him.
  • When I realized this, my face flushed immediately. I stood up instantly from the strong sense of shame, then I turned around and left.
  • However, I didn’t expect Eric to be so insensitive, for he actually stopped me. "You seem very agitated, Miss Hawkins."
  • "What do you want, Mr. Walker?" I asked bluntly.
  • "Don't you think it's impolite to just get up and leave the person who was just talking to you without saying goodbye?"
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