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Chapter 110 Framing

  • "What are you trying to say? Are you blaming Carson for giving us money?" I was stating a fact, but Mrs. Boyer didn't want to admit it and got angry. "I knew it! I knew that you looked down on us! If that's the case, me and my husband will leave. We won't be an eyesore for you."
  • "Mrs. Boyer, calm down. That wasn't what Lily meant." Jolene quickly tried to calm the situation down when she saw that we were arguing.
  • "Don't be unreasonable, Mom. Are we even talking about the same thing? When have I ever stopped Carson from giving you money? You also know how much money I have given you privately for the past few years." My goal here today was to intentionally cause a scene. I wouldn't let her have her way like usual.
  • "So you're trying to settle how much I owe you now? You think I need your money? If Carson hadn't persuaded us, we wouldn't have tolerated a daughter-in-law like you who couldn't give birth, and would have sent you out a long time ago.” Mrs. Boyer turned angry from her embarrassment and started to talk about the matter of me being infertile.
  • "Who are you calling infertile? Who insults someone like this?" Without holding back, I started shouting as well.
  • "I'm talking about you!" Mrs. Boyer was a shrew. In her deep-rooted thoughts, a person who couldn't have children should be timid. There was no way she could accept me butting heads with her, thus reached out a hand to shove me. I was waiting for this, so I followed the push and fell to the ground.
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