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Chapter 102 A Break-In?

  • All of a sudden, I recalled the words Carson uttered when he was mollifying my mother-in-law back when she feigned a headache. He said, ‘Mom, do you trust your son or an outsider? If you trust your son, don’t mention this anymore. I know what I’m doing, and it’s definitely not a mistake on my part.’ Also, she was initially hopping mad about Carson spending a fortune to buy jewelry for Jolene, but she then made up with Jolene in no time. After turning it over in my mind several times, I was dead certain that there was something off about this bracelet.
  • Since something is off about Jolene’s bracelet, could there be a problem with my set of jewelry as well? All at once, I rushed back to my room. Taking out the jewelry Carson bought me, I carefully studied the pieces, and sure enough, I immediately noticed a disparity in terms of quality. This set of jewelry was Cartier’s most recent flagship product which I’d seen in a magazine, but I didn’t choose it because I liked it. Rather, it was merely to have Carson spend a king’s ransom. At that time, he readily agreed, and I believed in the brand, so I didn’t really peruse it closely before buying. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that something worth millions would actually turn out to be an imitation.
  • Cartier is a major international brand, so I don’t think they’ll deceive consumers with imitations and do something that will only backfire on them. Thus, there’s only one possibility—all this is Carson Boyer’s doing! What a b*stard! Just you wait, I cursed inwardly. Picking up my cell phone, I gave Carson a call, purposely sounding anxious and panicked. “Hubby, come home at once! Something happened at home!”
  • “What happened?” Carson asked.
  • “I can’t tell you on the phone. Come home first, and we’ll talk then.” I deliberately hung up on him without telling him what had happened.
  • About half an hour later, Carson came home. This b*stard claimed that he was at the office, but the drive home from his office takes at least an hour and a half, while the hospital is only about half an hour’s drive. It looks like this b*stard had been waiting for his opportunity near the hospital.
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