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Chapter 100 A Mistress In the Wings?

  • Jolene’s displeasure only lasted for a heartbeat before she quickly schooled her expression and deliberately brought up the scene with my mother-in-law just now. “Lily, I’m sorry about everything that has happened today. It’s all because of me that you were aggrieved.”
  • “Today’s incident has nothing to do with you. It’s all on my mother-in-law. She’s just too much.” I know what this b*tch is trying to do—she’s miserable, so she wants me to be miserable as well. She has a ploy, but it just happens to coincide with mine! Since both our motives are to have the other feeling wretched, then we’ll just make our respective moves and see who comes out on top!
  • “You’re right. Mrs. Boyer indeed went over the line. How could she simply rub your nose in the dirt?” On the surface, Jolene appeared as though she was outraged on my behalf, but that was not it at all. Rather, she was testing me. “But Lily, will she tell Carson that you blew your top today? If she tells him, it’ll definitely create distance between the two of you.”
  • This is the exact remark I’ve been waiting for! “Who cares whether she tells Carson about it? Nothing will come out of it.”
  • “Lily, I know you’re still angry, but I’ve got to remind you something since we’re friends. She’s Carson’s mother, after all, so if she tells him, it’ll definitely worsen the strife between the two of you.”
  • “Has there been any lack of discord between me and Carson throughout the years?” I huffed. “All these years, she has been putting me down like this because I couldn’t have children, yet Carson never did anything to dissuade her.”
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