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Chapter 9

  • She closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift back, one more time.
  • Gracelyn came in the door. She danced across the wide foyer in her ballerina costume and dropped her purse on the table. It was well past midnight, but she felt vibrant and wonderful. Humming to herself, she wandered toward the sitting room, only to sense she was being watched. Stopping, she turned to the long staircase. Near the top stood her sister, Faith, her face scrunched up and eyes accusing. Gracelyn smiled. “I just had the dreamiest time . . .”
  • “With Grady! You were with Grady! How could you?”
  • Puzzled, Gracelyn leaned against the railing and looked up the stairs toward her. “Yes. How could I what?” She watched her sister stomp down several stairs and then saw the tears on her cheeks. “Faith, what is it?”
  • “You know how much I’ve wanted to be with him. I spend days at a time trying to find ways . . .”
  • She raised her eyebrows and held a hand to her throat. “I had no idea. I swear.”
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