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Chapter 8

  • October 30th, Present
  • Arianna opened her eyes and squinted to check the clock. She still had an hour before she needed to move, but she couldn’t get back to sleep. It was always like this on this particular date, each year. She was like an excited child waiting for Christmas to hurry up and get here. Only for Arianna it was Halloween she couldn’t wait for.
  • Flipping back the covers, she sat up. Groaning, she reached down and pulled her right leg to untangle it from the covers. One more day, she thought to herself, and people will remember you for twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes! After all the years that had passed, she finally saw this as one day to be someone to remember. To be someone who shared her smile and would hopefully bring a smile to other faces.
  • After picking up her glasses, she shoved them on her face and brushed her bangs out of the top of them. She looked at the clock again and assumed that her blurred guess of the time was correct. She closed her eyes for a moment and just sat there wishing it was tomorrow already.
  • Standing, she stretched and looked into her mirror. “Tomorrow I get to see just how much you’ve changed in this last year.” She smiled as the words sang in her mind again. One more day.
  • She slowly worked her way into the kitchen slowly. She still missed her own home, but could never have stayed there. When she’d inquired about it, she’d discovered that there was no way she’d ever get it back. At least being back in her town helped ease some of the loneliness, in a small way.
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