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Chapter 10

  • Evan sat in his car and watched the shop’s window for several minutes. He observed the cautious Arianna move around inside. There was no other word to describe her. She was always cautious of every move she made, as if she were afraid something bad would happen. Intriguing was another word he would use to describe her. For she was intriguing, and it bit at him constantly to know her better. It had taken close to two years to get to gain her trust.
  • Each day he’d been sure to allot to chat with her while she minded the store. On almost every visit, he tried to invite her to dinner, or his house, a movie, anywhere to be allowed to spend more time with her when she wasn’t working. She always had a reason not to join him. She would smile sweet, appealing smiles for him; laugh with him and banter back and forth for endless amusement; but she always said no. That part bothered him for hours each time day.
  • He had also noted recently, once Teddy had brought it to his attention that he hadn’t really dated since he had moved here. The question that had riddled Evan was, did it have to do with commuting and having little time or was it the intriguing woman he was now watching?
  • Evan knew she held magic, but it was either exceptionally weak or she could shield the indicators as well as he could his own. This piece of knowledge only made him more interested in the woman carefully hidden inside. He shielded his own ability when in her presence, if he were finally able to get closer to her, magic would not be the cause or the reason.
  • Arianna had quite a few regular customers who would come and spend time in her fantastical little world inside her store Dreams, an appropriate name, he chuckled. He had his own dreams that related to the appealing owner. He wasn’t sure what precisely it was that drove him, needing to see her often. He’d never seen her auburn hair down from the too tight ponytail or her soft brown eyes without those tasteless glasses hiding them. He rubbed a hand over his jaw. He in fact had never really seen-seen her. She hid her body in the baggiest possible clothes, which only allowed him a glimpse of the shape beneath on the rare occasions when she turned a certain way.
  • He gave his phone a scowl when it rang. Checking the screen, he answered it. “Teddy,” he said with a smirk, knowing it was only a matter of time before someone told on him for leaving work early, again.
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