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Chapter 14

  • Teddy’s eyebrows shot up when Evan stepped up to the bar. “Did you lose her already?”
  • Evan shook his head. “No, she’s safely hidden in the lounge.”
  • “I thought you’d wander more in the direction of the upper floor.” He winked at him.
  • Evan sighed. “I may be a little out of practice with some things but I do know how to start slow.” He motioned to the wine fridge. “Give me the best white we have, something sweet preferably, and some glasses.”
  • Teddy nodded abruptly and opened the glass door. “Perfect, add a plate of those strawberries and cream to the menu and you might have seduction.”
  • He hadn’t thought of that. He glanced toward the dessert display and spotted the items mentioned. “I think I will.”
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