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Chapter 6

  • James PoV
  • True to her words, Lily already prepared my breakfast when I woke up the next morning.
  • The house was also clean and too quiet for my liking and she is nowhere to be found.
  • I'll be back at noon, her note on the counter. I sighed remembering her words last night.
  • "And lastly, whatever we had in the past is past. I wished not to bring it up as I already forget them."
  • She was cold.
  • Her words really made me upset but remembering the warmth of her body next to mine eased it. I realized I can't be upset at her.
  • I know deep down that I wanted more but I don't how to act on it. Her request last night made it complicated.
  • The house was so boring. I can't wait for Lily to arrive. Where did she possibly go? Is she on a date? My head hurt thinking the latter, I can't believe I find myself like I'm already obsessed with something I don't own because it's possible.
  • Lily is beautiful, her smile, everything about her and there was a punch of regret of not seeing her for ten years.
  • Killing the time before noon, I toured the house where I used to roam around then I find her room, unlocked. I was tempted to peek, and it won over me as I slowly get in.
  • The room smells like her, it reminds me again of her in my arms last night. It smells like she's just inside the room and how I wish she's here, giving me a beautiful smile.
  • I saw her frame and I was mesmerized by the big picture of her on the wall. She was all smiling, looking at me, how nice it is if she's here in person.
  • Her stare made my heart beats like the first time I talked to her. It was burning me, and I decided to leave her room before I'll turn to ashes.
  • The longing is not just because I missed her but it's something more and I don't know what will happen to me these following days if she keeps on avoiding me.
  • I went back to my room and never get out the whole afternoon, I did some serious thinking and decisions.
  • I don't know what I can do when I will see Lily and I really don't want to scare her.
  • -
  • Evening came and my dinner is already set on the table and she was again not around. She's really determined to just do her job and nothing else, more on avoiding me.
  • She is probably in her room and I'm dying to know where she went.
  • Fine, I'll give her days to feel at ease. She was used to be alone and maybe my presence is something she doesn't like but she can't do this until my vacation is over.
  • I'll surely do something.