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Chapter 7

  • Lily PoV
  • Knowing that we are in the same house, breathing the same air was enough for me to be bothered. I really tried my best to avoid him but for how long can I do that?
  • I know I can't keep this routine for long, waking up earlier, walking in the house very carefully like someone is on watch and so on.
  • My room is the only safe place for me then.
  • I felt very relieved when I don't see him around. Bumping him out of nowhere will surely give me a heart attack but I can't deny the part of me wanting to see him and talk to him.
  • Those were one of my wishes, to see him and to know-how was his life growing up but what did I just do last night?
  • Listening to myself, I became confused. James was right, I was too serious. Serious of what? I don't even know the answer to that question.
  • I let myself fall to sleep and a beautiful dream happened, but it always ends up crying when I wake up. It was the day when he left.
  • My heart went heavy for real. I realized that James was the very first person to hurt me, for ten long years until now and being mean to him was sort of my revenge.
  • Just like the other nights after that same dream, I cried. I was crying not knowing what's causing the pain. Can eight years old be possibly in love?
  • I was laughing at Mira when she told me that I was in love. Maybe she was right, a person can't just be hurt without a reason.
  • -
  • I went outside knowing the possibility that he is just in any corner of the house. I want some fresh air; I don't like to sleep and be in that dream again.
  • Staying in this house did not really help me but there is a part of me that says it is important and I go with that. Our memories were here that I just can't let go even if it keeps on hurting me.
  • Leaving me was the only sad part, the rest were happy memories.
  • I sighed and breathed deeply waiting for my tears to finally dry in the dark. I was looking in the sky absentmindedly not knowing that James was there until he made himself known.
  • "Now tell me you are not lonely." He said which really surprised me.
  • His tone was sad if I'm not mistaken.
  • "James," I said almost in a whisper.
  • "What are you doing here, Lily?" He asked.
  • Good thing it was dark. He cannot see my eyes red from crying.
  • "I needed some air." My answer.
  • "Do you find it hard to sleep?" He asked again.
  • "Yes," I replied.
  • How can a simple conversation with him make me relaxed? He was in good distance from me, yet his presence was comforting.
  • "Lily, can I ask one question?" 
  • He asked.
  • "What is it, James?" My heart started to race as I'm anticipating his question.
  • "Did you ever forget about me?" And his question really stirred something inside me.
  • I looked at him trying to make out what his real emotion, but the darkness is not much of a help. I only see sadness which infected me as my heart clenches looking at the sad man or was it just the darkness that made him?
  • "Did you ever forget about me?" He raised the same question again and I answered him honestly.
  • "No, never."
  • "Good to hear." He said as he turns his back at me.
  • He left me again just like that.