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Chapter 3

  • I was out of breath the moment I stopped from running and I realized I was gone crazy.
  • Why did I run?
  • "Lily?" And there he is before I can even calm myself.
  • "I'm sorry, I was just too shocked that I didn't know what I'm doing until now," I said still calming my breath.
  • This is more embarrassing, and I decided to correct it as early as I can, he is the owner of the house after all.
  • "Wait, don't move." He said as his hand reached something on my head.
  • Our closeness reminds me of when we were little.
  • "Beautiful." He said which sent my head to a frenzy. Did he just tell me, I'm beautiful?
  • "Here." And he handed me the butterfly.
  • "I'm sorry but I don't like it," I said almost bitterly, I was shocked but too late to take it back.
  • This was exactly how we first talked.
  • "Welcome back, James." I greeted which lightened his face and I looked away before he will catch me staring.
  • "What do you like for breakfast?" I asked, I better start serving him.
  • "Breakfast?" He asked looks confused.
  • "Yes, I didn't know you will be coming so I don't have anything ready to cook," I answered.
  • "I'm sorry but I don't get it." He said as if he doesn't know anything.
  • "James, I'm your housekeeper," I said almost smiling.
  • "What?" He asked shocked.
  • "Since when and what happened?" He started to ask questions which I don't like where it will lead to.
  • "I'm sorry but I don't want to discuss it right now. If you could answer my first question, then it would be better." I said.
  • "Lily..." And I cut him off.
  • "If you will not tell me then I will still go," I said starting to walk away.
  • I even don't like myself behaving that way.
  • "Forget it, I can do it myself. You go and sleep." He said, making me stop.
  • He then passed by me as he is heading back inside.
  • I was left staring at his back; I can't believe I finally met him again after ten years. He is no longer the little James I used to play with and I'm wondering how he is, now that he is a grown-up man.
  • -
  • I wake up early evening and bolted up when I remembered I have someone to take care of.
  • I wished so many times to see him and now that he is finally here, I don't know anymore what to do. We don't have a proper conversation earlier and I was in fact rude.
  • Fresh from sleep made me realized that I was mean this morning. I used to play with him, even a little bit closer to me when we were little. I should have at least greeted him warmly.
  • On that thinking, I started myself with a fresh bathe. I must look good at least unlike this morning, groggy and mean.
  • Once done, I got out of my room and headed to the kitchen. To my surprise, James was already cooking, and the table is almost set for dinner.
  • Knowing my presence, he looked at me and gave me a bright smile. A smile I have seen before, a smile I longed to see again.