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Chapter 5

  • **BRIANNA**
  • Evening came by quickly than I expected and Cherry was at my house in no time with a big shopping bag in hand and I gasped upon seeing her.
  • "I thought you said you'll buy me two dresses and shoes?" I asked in disbelief.
  • "Yes that's what I said." She replied perfunctorily.
  • "This is more than two dresses and shoes." I gasped.
  • "Well I had to get more than two because I want you to dress sexy and cute so that people would have to take a look at you twice before they can look away." She replied nonchalantly.
  • "You're the best friend a lonely girl can ever ask for and have I told you that you're my sister from another mother?" I cried out in appreciation.
  • "You don't have to tell me you are also my sister from another mother." She replied and I hugged her tight to the extent that she started choking.
  • "Can't......breath......" She managed to choke out while  hitting me softly on my back and I immediately released her from the hug. She started gasping for air afterwards.
  • "I'm so sorry about that." I apologized frantically.
  • "Its not your fault I guess you just got emotional." She replied steadily.
  • "What about aunt Doris and the others?" I asked referring to her aunt and her family. Cherry lives with her mother's sister since her parents died in a car accident while they were returning from a vacation and Cherry is the only survivor. Her aunt and her family are pretty nice so they offered for her to live with them.
  • "Oh they're fine." She replied.
  • "OK let's rest a little before we go to the club tonight." I stated already moving closer to my bed for a little nap.
  • "Yes we should." Cherry agreed mounting my sister's bed.
  • We discussed about how our day went before we eventually drifted off to sleep.
  • Cherry and I woke up around 8:30pm and we freshened up to prepare to go to the club. We had our bath and changed to our bartender uniform which is red and white in color and stopped right above our knees. We climbed down the stairs to the living room but it was empty and we heard some noise coming from the kitchen so we entered there to see Marie cooking and mom was watching.
  • "Hey mom,hey sis we're already heading to the club." I greeted.
  • "OK you guys should take care of yourself and please don't come back too late." She replied.
  • "We won't come back late mom." Cherry beat me to replying her.
  • "Bye mom!!!" We both called out already moving towards the front door and out of the house. The club is about two streets away from my house and that's about 10 minutes walk.
  • We got to the club in no time and the place was already bubbling with life and loud music was being played in the background with different activities going on but we were already used to it. We went to the back room and dropped our bags before we went to our different places and started the night's work. Well today is good since a lot of customers are around and that means today's pay would be a little bit higher. Different types of customers both healthy and mentally unstable because I like calling the ones that loves to flirt mentally unstable human beings,old and young people are also present tonight.
  • Halfway into the work,the boss came out of his office and stood directly in front of the counter as if he wants to get a drink. 
  • "How are you doing today beautiful Anna." He drawled out trying to act seductive but I sort of find it disgusting and irritating. Well he is handsome in his own way 5'8 foot tall,tanned skin,dark hair and brown eyes. 'But he's not as handsome as Mr Adrian.' I thought inwardly but I immediately shook my head to get rid of the thought.
  • "Hey are you there?" Mr Cole asked snapping his finger in front of my face and I immediately snapped out of my reverie.
  • "Oh I'm sorry I wasn't listening. What were you saying?" I asked dumbly.
  • He sighed before replying. "I said have you thought about my offer?" He asked. The thing is that not long after I started working in this club Cole has been disturbing me so that we can become bed friends or f**k buddies or whatever people are calling it but I always reply him with 'I'll think about it' so I guess its time I give him a proper reply.
  • "The thing is that I can't have an exclusive relationship with my boss which is you because our relationship is meant to be on a boss-employee level." I stated.
  • "That is nonsense we can do it and keep it a secret. Nobody will find out about it." He replied desperately.
  • "I said no. We're talking about my dignity here and my answer is final." I snapped rudely. After I said that his face contorted with anger and a shiver of fear ran down my spine but I still kept my stance and my face expressionless.
  • "Well your body is mine no matter what and I'm promising you I'll get you and ravish you anyhow I want either you like it or not." He stated and with one harsh glare he turned away from the counter and walked back into his office. And all through that time I didn't notice the line of customers waiting to order.
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