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Chapter 18

  • **BRIANNA**
  • The moment I felt Mr. Adrian's lips on mine, it felt as if I was in heaven. His lips are the softest one I've ever kissed. Okay, I've only kissed one person in my entire life and he did it forcefully and besides, his lips were pretty hard. I started reciprocating the kiss as our lips moved in a sync. He delved deeper into my mouth as we explored each others' mouth. His lips moved to my neck and he sucked a sensitive spot on my neck and that was when I lost all ounce of control left in me. I let out a very long and loud moan, one I'm sure could bring down the whole building if the foundation isn't strong.
  • After sucking my neck to his satisfaction, he moved to my ear and bit my earlobe. He returned to my lips and continued kissing the hell out of me. He ran his hand through my hair thereby scattering it in the process. I also did the same to him and disheveled his already tousled hair.
  • "You look so beautiful." He groaned as his hand move to my zipper and I released another loud moan. He unzipped my dress and was about to unhook my bra and that was when I  came down from cloud nine. I forcefully broke the kiss and pushed him away from me. I didn't know how hard I pushed him but I heard him wince slightly as his head hit something.
  • I quickly arranged my clothes and my dishevelled hair. I glared at him pointedly as he watched me get my shit together.
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