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Chapter 36

  • **MARIANNA**
  • "All of these happened some minutes ago and I was not informed about it? Someone should have sent for me and I would have come and reshape his ugly face." Julia said lividly after Vanessa and I finished narrating what had happened to them.
  • "He's not ugly Julia, he's actually very handsome. It is his behavior that is very bad." Vanessa pointed out.
  • "That is not the point Vee. The point is that I would have reconstructed his face with my fist and make him ugly." Julia stated seriously and the rest of us bursted into laughter.
  • "Why are y'all laughing? Do you guys think I'm joking?" She asked with yet another serious face and that just intensified our laughter. The reason behind our laughter is that we all know that Julia cannot kill an ant not to talk of reconstructing someone's face with punches.
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