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Chapter 17

  • **BRIANNA**
  • The day finally came to an end and I sighed tiredly. Mr. Adrian had made me do more work after the files arrangement stuff and I'm feeling quite hungry now since I didn't get to eat lunch. I cleared my desk and packed up my things into my bag. I looked out of the window and saw that it was getting pretty late, the sun setting already. I didn't realize it was this late. Damn Mr. Adrian for giving me extra work.
  • I picked up my bag and walked out of my office dragging my legs. I got food the elevator and entered it, the doors were about to slide close when somebody used their leg to stop it. I looked up at the person and saw that it was Mr. Adrian. I rolled my eyes at him and brought my phone out of my bag and started playing games, I made sure that it was in the highest volume because I didn't want to have any conversation with him and I also wanna annoy him.
  • He walked in and stood close to me. The doors slid close and began the journey to the first floor. I continued with my games as if he wasn't there but I started feeling uneasy when I felt eyes on me. I raised my head and caught Mr. Adrian staring at me; my eyes locked with Mr. Adrian's as we engaged in a staring competition. I was the first person to break the staring competition.
  • "Why were you staring at me?" I asked gazing at him.
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