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Chapter 13

  • **ADRIAN**
  • The car drove into the compound and stopped in front of the mansion. I alighted from the car and the guards stood in a line to greet me. I snubbed them and walked into the mansion. On entering,the maids in the sitting room stopped what they were doing and greeted me. I also ignored their greetings and climbed the stairs that led to the floor the bedrooms are located. I walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, unlocked the door and walked inside. I strode to the bathroom and dumped my suit jacket in the laundry basket and started to take off my clothes. After undressing,I also dumped my clothes in the laundry basket and stepped under the shower. I washed myself and stepped out of the shower then dried my body and hair with a towel before tying another towel around my waist.
  • I walked out of the bathroom towards the vanity table, picked up my body lotion and rubbed it all over my body. After that, I went to the closet and got dressed in a dark brown leather jacket and skintight jean trousers. I completed my looks with brown cowboy boots. I styled my hair and sprayed cologne all over my body. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I was ready to go. I was contemplating calling Manuel to tell him to send the address of the club when my phone rang out and Manuel's name was on the screen. I picked up the phone and accepted the call.
  • "Hey Ad!" Manuel yelled with a chirpy voice that it felt as if my eardrums had bursted.
  • "Hey Manuel. Do you wanna burst my eardrums? And I've told you countless times that my name is Adrian not Ad. If you call me Ad again I'll make sure to cut your throat so you won't be able to talk for the rest of your life." I stated with a warning tone but he just laughed it off as if I was joking.
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