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Chapter 28

  • **BRIANNA**
  • I woke up from a three hours nap and I felt great. I released a loud yawn and I immediately perceived a bad smell. I looked around to check where the smell was coming from before I realized that it was my breath that was smelling like that. Geez! I haven't brushed my teeth since morning and I ate with an unbrushed teeth. I haven't even taken my bath yet. Damn! I feel very dirty today. I better go and get myself cleaned up.
  • I stood up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took my bath, I also made sure I washed my hair because it has been quite sometime since I washed it. After freshening up, I blow-dried my hair with my old hair dryer and got dressed in a top and jean shorts before going downstairs. Mom was sitting on the couch and was focused on reading and outdated magazine.
  • "Hey mom, do you find anything interesting in that magazine?" I asked teasingly before sitting next to her and she glanced at me.
  • "Oh please Brianna, you know fully well that I've gone through this magazine for over a thousand times. There's nothing interesting in it." She murmured and I chuckled quietly.
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